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A Roll Of The Die

Life is like a dice that, falling, still shows a different face.

I feel as though the only few instances I've heard the term entropy being thrown around are among smart Allen kids or in John Green's "Looking for Alaska". Allen taught its students that entropy in physics refers to the degradation of energy and the measure of disorder. John Green, however, had a more interesting approach – he stated that everything that comes together will unquestionably fall apart. From tidy rooms and relationships to our cells and organs, while they once came together, they will also fall together.

And I certainly have several first-hand testimonies to the effects of this phenomenon, as I'm sure you do too.

Picture this, life is going swimmingly. I'm studying hard yet having fun, sleeping for 8 hours while also being on top of all my work. Maybe life is going a little too well now. I got a hundred on the math test that I was sure I'd failed. I had the weekend of my life with my friends. And most importantly, I had finished watching the show that had been going further down my watch list each time I logged onto Netflix.

Well, life is entropic.

At its core, entropy symbolizes the tendency of systems to evolve from states of order to states of disorder. So the rollercoaster of life I was riding, had just reached the top. And all that was left was for it to plummet to the bottom.

The next few weeks I studied hard and sacrificed hours of sleep a day, yet my marks fell way below my standard. I hadn’t had a proper conversation with my friends in a while and the show I was enjoying now sat stale on my laptop browser. While I rode this tumultuous path filled with speed bumps and obstacles, I wondered - is order itself an inherent quality or merely a temporary arrangement amidst a sea of possible disarray?

And when I reach rock bottom, I often ponder about my existence in this world, and whether this entropic life has a finish line. Even the turbulent ride on the roller coaster has an end. Is this pursuit of knowledge and meaning a way to defy entropy's grasp, or does our very existence serve as a testament to the universe's tendency to give rise to pockets of order within the overwhelming chaos?

But then, I remember that we dance the dance of life on the fine line between order and disorder. And that every dark cloud indeed has a silver lining, that at the end of my journey in this volatile pathway lies a bright light guiding me past the dregs of failures. Once again, as I ride through my highs and tide through my lows, I hold comfort and sorrow knowing this cycle will repeat. As we continue to unravel the mysteries of entropy, we find ourselves confronting not only those complex physics laws but also those intricate threads that weave the fabric of imagination and fantasy into the very essence of our existence.

Life is full of disorder. What paths we take, and what turns we make. How we roll our dice.

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