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Next issue releases 26th December, 2021

Hi there. We see you, creepin' around like a kid on Christmas. And why shouldn't you? This is where you will find the voice of Pakistani teenagers. Based in India, TT Pakistan is the youth's promise for a peaceful world order. Read, write, follow--> there's a lot to learn here!



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Hey there! 
The Teen Tribune is a weekly newspaper, started by an Indian teenager, to amplify and accept the adolescent voice. Through regular digital issues, we cover politics, science, finance, entertainment, food and more! 
For more information on The Teen Tribune click here- Check out their branch in France, The Teen Tribune France! 

'The Teen Tribune Pakistan' : a unique opportunity for you to create your own version of the Teen Tribune newspaper with a specific focus on Pakistan and the diversity in its culture. This will entail a smaller team of writers, designers and marketers to make an independently run teenage newspaper for the politically and socially aware of Pakistan! Through this initiative, you will get a chance to collaborate with our parent organisation based in India and generate relatable and informative content with a true chance for expansion along with portraying Pakistan in a different light.

Here are the ways you can contribute-
1. Political Reporter and Columnist- report on the news around you, analyse the dynamics of Pakistan, national politics and global diplomatic relations.
2. Social Commentator and columnist- report on social issues around you that are relevant to Pakistan and require a multidisciplinary solution. You may also annotate on Historical events. 
3. Entertainment columnist- write about movies, books, concerts, fitness, travel, fashion, food and more! 
4. Editor- Edit the content sent in by the columnists and reporters. 
5. Graphic Designer- Digitally design the TT Pakistan issues and posts to look as appealing as the content is! 
6. Marketing Representative- manage and generate content for exclusive TT Pakistan Social Media Handles. 
7. Translator to Urdu
8. Photographer

You will be required to write and comment in English and devote sufficient time to the project. You will obtain a Letter of Acknowledgement for your work at the end of 6 months and also a fun chance to interact with teens all over the world! Apply now !


For queries, please contact-
Elham Jafari ( Editor-in-chief, The Teen Tribune Pakistan) - +92 345 8251946
Rysha Sultania (Founder, Editor-in-chief at The Teen Tribune)- +91 9731266644


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